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18 Amazing Spots for Trekking in Mumbai

18 Amazing Spots for Trekking in Mumbai

Trekking is a weekend pass for many people. When the weekend arrives many of us hurry to the hill station to explore the beautiful scenery and the landscape of the mountains. Today we are talking about some beautiful trekking destinations near Mumbai. 


1.Shilonda Trek:

Shilonda is a beautiful place near Mumbai. This place is located inside the Sanjay Gandhi National Park. You can explore a gentle walk through the dense forest. Here you can explore some beautiful small streams. The national park will offer you some beautiful flora and fauna. The tracking path will be very easy.


2.Chinchoti Trail:

This place is located in Vasai. This is also an easy trek. This trek has several routes. You can begin this trek from Kaman Phata. The trekking path starts from A small village. Here you can cross many small streams, vegetation  fields, and small ponds. In the weekend season the pond became very crowded. 


3.Kanheri Caves Trek:

This place is also located in Borivali. The kanheri cave trek is an easy trek that anyone can do. If you are a bird lover then you can definitely love this place. Here you can spot some amazing Birds. The trek starts at the Kanheri plateau and finishes at the Kanheri.


4.Peb Trail:

A trek towards Peb fort will be an easy trek near Mumbai. This trek begins from a small village. After starting your journey you will pass many small forests and some caves. There are some Ladders that are installed at the difficult points. The total distance of the track is 53 km.

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5.Dhak Bahiri Trail:

This place is located in the Raigad region pattern altitude of 2700 feet. From Mumbai this place is 76 km. This is a little difficult trek. Near Mumbai this trek is a challenging one. Here you can see the famous Kalakrai Pinnacle. You need a great experience to trek in this region. 


6.Tungareshwar Trail:

This is also an amazing trek near Mumbai. First you need to walk 4 km towards the Shiva temple. After that you need to hike another 3 km to the Balayogi Ashram. If you want to cover a long distance then you can climb to the Vajreshwari Springs. The path that goes to the springs is really gorgeous and beautiful.


7.Kune Waterfalls Trek:

This place is 2 km from the Khandala Railway Station. This is one of the most popular and beautiful waterfalls in Maharashtra. 3 hours will be enough to reach the hill. From Mumbai this place is 86 km. This is a difficult trek. 


8.Garbett Point Trail:

This place provides you with a very beautiful view of the plateaus. This journey starts from a village named Diksal. Here you need to cross many rocky slopes. During monsoon you can cross the stream with a rope. From Mumbai this place is situated 73 kilometres.


9.Rajmachi Fort Trek:

This is a very popular trekking destination near Mumbai. The trek starts in a village named Udhewadi village. A trek towards this fort is a very beautiful one.  This is an easy trek. After arriving at the top of the hill you can spot the beautiful Rajmachi fort.



10.Korigad Fort Trek:

This trekking location is 106 km from Mumbai. This is a very easy trek. In the monsoon season you need to be very careful while climbing up.  This trek starts from the Peth Shahapur village. First you need to start with a muddy route then you need to head towards the amazing fort.


11.Sandhan Valley Trail:

This is also a wonderful trekking destination near Mumbai. The place is situated at Igatpuri. This place is located 120 kilometres away from Mumbai. This is a difficult level trek. Here you will go through many ups and downs. A trek to the Sandhan Valley will be a thrilling experience. 


12.Sudhagad Fort trek:

This place is situated 109 km from Mumbai. This Fort is located at Pali. It is a very easy trek near Mumbai in Monsoon season. 


13.Yehoor Hill:

This place is situated at Borivali. This is an easy trek. On the way you can experience the beautiful  scenery. The beautiful Yehoor hill will give a 360 view of Thane. 


14. Purandar Fort trek:

This place is situated in Gherapurandhar. From Mumbai it is 210 kilometres away. On the trail you will pass some green Meadows, rocky terrain. The rocky section can be slippery in monsoon season so you need to wear good trekking shoes. 


15.Raigad Fort Trek:

The place is located at Raigad. It is a difficult trek through the deep forest. This place is located 166 km from Mumbai.



This beautiful trek starts from a village named Navja. The total trail is filled with amazing scenic places. The dense woodland will give you the ultimate trekking experience. Here you can spot some birds and  animals. From Mumbai it is situated 331 kilometres away. For trekking in this region first you need to take. Permission from the forest department.

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17.Ratangad fort Trek:

This Fort is situated at Ratangarh. This is a moderate to difficult trek. While doing the trek you will pass through some steep sections. This spot is 175 km away from Mumbai.

18.Salher Fort Trek:

The Fort is located at salher. From Mumbai this is 295 km away. This is a little difficult trek. 

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