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6 Best Examples of Using Instagram Feed on Website

6 Best Examples of Using Instagram Feed on Website

During the pandemic, we saw an upsurge in Instagram local shops. Hashtags like #ShopLocal had taken over the platform. This clearly indicates that people are scrolling Instagram with purchasing intent. This is why brands and businesses are now showing their Instagram presence on their website.


But how?

Allow us to solve this puzzle. To show your Instagram presence, you can flaunt your Instagram feed on website. To ease this process, you can use any social media aggregator tool. These tools are highly operable and easy to handle. This means you do not have to hire any developer or learn a new skill to manage these tools. The main feature of these tools is that they are customizable. You can personalize the entire look and feel of your website.


Five Examples Of Using Instagram Feed On Website

Embedding an Instagram feed on a website is a calculative move. Some of the compelling examples are given below. We hope that by the end of this blog you will be able to choose a suitable example to embed for your business.


#1 Instagram Hashtag Feed

Hashtags are being used everywhere. However, on Instagram, Hashtags have different importance. The best part is that hashtags are tappable. Hence they are in demand. Therefore embedding Instagram Hashtags on your website will bring you engagement. This will eventually contribute to increasing sales. Apart from this, these hashtag feeds help you to build social proof for your business.

If you have run a successful hashtag campaign in the past you can also display it on your website. This will help you to gain the trust of your existing or target customers.

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#2 Mention Feed

Do you know that Zara was the most mentioned brand on Instagram in 2020?

Instagram users frequently share content while using the product, upload a video about it, or even offer their opinions while mentioning the brand that is affiliated with it. All of those forms of content can easily be compiled and displayed on your website.

Customers use this content as social proof and it even aids in the decision-making process. Additionally, it promotes user-generated content associated with your brand. As a result, many customers can be motivated to upload information about your brand and take advantage of the website’s spotlight. Apart from that, it also reveals the popularity of your Instagram account.


#3 Handle feed

It is possible that not a lot of Instagram users might be aware of your Instagram presence.

You can give people a sneak peek into your Instagram presence by displaying your Instagram feed from your handle. even presenting the content to others without access to Instagram. You can display the stuff you’ve uploaded from your page and make it visible to a large audience using the handle feed.


#4 Instagram Carousel And Slider feed

Visitors to the website will pay more attention to this example of an Instagram feed. When you include a carousel on your website, you may display multiple products at once and pique visitors’ interest as they swipe to see more.  You can use a carousel feed or slider feed to tell a story. You can also show the testimonials of your products on this carousel. This will engage the customers in a better way.

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#5 Sidebar Feeds

Instagram is based on visuals. This suggests that the color you choose matters a lot. This is yet another beneficial example of Instagram feed. This will enbale the users to

Since the feed you mebed will appear on all the pages of your website, it will have a greater impact on audience.

You can leverage the advantage of this feed to add any ongoing sale, a special discount or about any upcoming product. This will help you to create a hype around your business.


#6 Gallery Theme

Using the Gallery theme, you can create stunning visuals. You can change the size of posts, phots, videos etc. This way you can come up with a amazing feed and embed it on your website.

We all know that visuals are more powerful that the text, it is highly recommended to add stunning images and effects. This will help you to capture more attention of your audience.


Wrapping Up

is a great place to market your business. You can actively use this platform to speak more about your products and brand. Having an Instagram Widget on your website boosts the engagement of your website. Apart from that, it also helps you to create a seamless bridge between your website and. This will also increase the number of followers on .

All you need is a smart and responsive social media aggregator tool that supports all the above mentioned feeds. And you are good to go!

So don’t wait, try the above mentioned types of feeds and see your business grow.

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