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6 Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring a Plumbing Company

6 Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring a Plumbing Company

Dealing with plumbing problems is one distressing but inevitable experience every homeowner will go through. At some point in our home ownership, we encounter issues such as clogged drains, toilet leaks, and burst pipes among others. Plumbing problems occur either because the house’s fixtures are wearing out or we simply fail to properly maintain our plumbing system.

Hiring a trusted plumbing company is one important decision a homeowner has to make to solve severe plumbing issues. However, it takes a great amount of discretion on the part of homeowners when looking for the right people to save the plumbing system from further damage. The truth is not all professional plumbers are as good and reliable as they claim to be.

So, how should we make sure that we pick the right plumbing company? What things should we avoid doing so we don’t end up choosing the wrong people for the job?


Know When to Call a Plumbing Professional

As a start, it is highly necessary for us homeowners to carefully assess what exactly is the kind of plumbing service we are looking for. First, we need to make sure that we can differentiate between a plumber and a heating engineer. If we think the problem has something to do with the water system and pipework, then a plumber is the right person to call. On the other hand, if what we need is someone to fix the boiler or the central heating system at home, then we should hire a heating engineer.


Things to Avoid When Hiring a Plumbing Contractor

While it is important to call in a plumbing expert immediately to solve or fix problems involving our home’s plumbing, we cannot simply hire anyone who claims to be professionals in the field. Many times, homeowners end up choosing the wrong contractor and finding themselves facing more problems than solutions. Here are the mistakes we should avoid committing in the process of hiring a plumbing company:

  • Hiring based on low-priced services.

A lot of us commit the mistake of easily getting attracted to a service provider that offers the cheapest or most affordable services in the market, without considering the value and quality of services we get from the cost. We must always remember that we get what we pay for. We must be careful when hiring someone based on price, for most often those plumbing companies with too affordable rates either lack the required skills and experience. Moreover, you may just be getting substandard services if you are not willing to invest in a truly capable plumbing contractor.

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  • Hiring without checking license.

A company that operates without a license is a huge red flag. As a client, you have the right to ask the company for its proof of license. Correspondingly, a trusted and truly legit company won’t have any hesitations to show clients its valid business license and other certifications proving their expertise in the field and the credibility of its services and equipment.


  • Not researching the company.

Another mistake clients make when hiring a plumbing contractor is failing to know the company more. Prior to saying YES, homeowners must conduct a thorough research about the prospect company and, if possible, interview anyone (i.e. representatives and staff) that is knowledgeable of what the company is. In line with this, you may even browse the company website or page and read the online reviews written by its clients. It really is wise to check the background of the company first, learn about its previous engagements, and see if there had been previous complaints or issues surrounding its services or staff.


  • Hiring an uninsured company.

The same with neglecting license and research, some homeowners also tend to overlook the significance of company insurance. Before hiring the plumbing company, you have to ensure that you are guaranteed liability insurance, as well as financial protection, should there be accidents or failures caused by plumbers during the course of work. You must also see to it that the contractor has compensation insurance for its employees so you won’t be held responsible in case the plumber encounters accidents and suffers from work injuries. At least, it should be the company that should cover the expenses.

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  • Not asking for references.

Homeowners also have second thoughts asking the company for references. This should not be the case. In fact, it is a must for homeowners to ask the prospect company of a list of their previous clients. This should not be too much to ask and certainly not a big deal for the company to provide their clients with references. References are important so we can obtain more info from others regarding the company’s track record. Hearing what other clients have to say may also help us decide and assess a company’s service quality.


  • Hiring without a signed agreement.

A signed contract or agreement is highly vital if you wish to hire a plumbing contractor that will stick to your agreed project details, including working hours, deadline of completion, project cost, and the company’s insurance and reimbursement policy. Moreover, it is a very useful document that you can use in court in case the company commits a breach of contract. Thus, when finalizing your decision to hire a plumbing expert, be wise enough to have an agreement ready.


Importance of Hiring a Trusted Plumbing Company

If you want to find a plumber who comes from a dependable and well-reputed company, you need to avoid making mistakes such as not asking for the following: references, license proof, and insurance details. Also, as clients we should do our homework and research more about the company. Nowadays, obtaining information about organizations and people is much easier and more convenient through the internet. Therefore, it is ideal that we also take advantage of technology and read reviews. Lastly, we need to constantly monitor the people we hire and see if they are performing their job well. This way, we can do away with unnecessary stress and financial burden that may come with choosing the wrong people to look after our home plumbing.

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