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7 Essential Tips for an Engaging Facebook Business Page

7 Essential Tips for an Engaging Facebook Business Page

Are you looking for some tips to grow your business page? Well, growing engagement on a page is a hectic one though achievable. 

In this article, we’ll discuss the seven essential tips for an engaging Facebook page Likes Shares & Comments.

1) Create a professional profile:-

To have an engaging Facebook business page, you should avoid creating a personal profile. Your personal profile might put you at disadvantage. Plus, people will only visit your page if it has a professional name. A personal profile should be made for personal contact. Many users keep their accounts private to have a personal connection with the known ones. In addition, people visit a business page to learn ideas. Why would they visit your page if you have associated your personal file with your business? Hence, you must keep personal & professional things apart while creating an engaging Facebook page. 

2) Add an attractive profile picture:-

Add a perceptible profile picture which your audience may recognize easily. It should be an attractive one, which could entice the audience to visit your page after having a look at your profile picture. The profile picture of your business page matter a lot. It symbolises what your page contains. You may consider getting an engaging logo designed to add to your profile picture. 

While selecting a profile picture, do not forget that Facebook generally modifies the dimension of the picture. You may find your picture 170×170 pixel on your desktop & 128×128 on your smartphone. Hence, review your picture on both devices. 

3) Add a recognizable cover photo:-

Along with a profile picture, the cover photo does also matter. Before reviewing the profile picture, the audience watches your cover photo. Hence, after selecting an engaging profile picture, choose a recognizable cover photo to entice the audience to visit your business page. You may also add your business logo in your cover photo or include a quote to read by visitors. Like the profile picture, the cover photo dimension is also modified by Facebook. For the desktop, it will display at 820×312. Likewise, for your smartphone, it displays at 640×360 pixels.

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4) Add a call to action button on your business page:-

A call to action button might help you in order to boost your business page with more engagement. You may also add this button to your posts. It helps visitors directly land on the page that you want to show them. If your business page is concerned to sell a product, you may use the shop now link as your call to action button. Similarly, as per your requirement, you may add a link for the user’s guide. Hence, we would recommend you add this button to grow your followers on your Facebook business page. 

5) Add relevant & brief information in the About section:-

The About section contains huge importance to growing your Facebook engagement. You must add information about your business in the About section. Users will like to read about your views & ideas about your business. You may further make users acquainted with the milestone which your business has created or earned.

6) Respond to the users’ comments on your posts:-

Your response matters a lot to users who have requested your reply. You have to become accountable for the posts you make on your page. If you do so, you’re likely to engage with more audiences. Every user who follows your business page expects your opinion & comments on their doubts. Monitoring & responding to the users will build your interaction with them. They will certainly share your page with others if you satisfy them with your clarifications. 

7) Promote your page across various social media platforms to generate more followers:-

Promotion is essential to growing your social media page. You can’t avoid promoting your business page. Although, advertisement takes time. Hence, you may promote your business page on other social media platforms you use or you may also ask your friends or relatives to do the same. 

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Notwithstanding, anything containing these abovementioned tips, you may also try buying followers for your Facebook page to grow your engagement. You may find various social media service providers to buy Facebook page followers. If may visit Famups which is known as the best site to buy social media services. Famups delivers authentic & real followers.


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