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Alyssa Milano’s childbirth comparison vs Social media users

Alyssa Milano’s childbirth comparison vs Social media users

Alyssa Milano, the amazing actress who made her mark in the industry with her roles in Charmed, Who’s the boss, and Melrose Place has created quite a stir among her fans and other social media users when she compared childbirth to sexual assault.

She painted social media red with her controversial comments that her husband David Bugliari couldn’t rescue her from the backlash she received ferociously across different social media platforms.

Alyssa Milano and David Bugliari have been married to each other since 2009 and have been known as a power couple in Hollywood, as they share a lovely bond that has lasted more than a decade now – a phenomenon not very common in the entertainment industry.

The couple has two children together. A 10-year-old son Milo Thomas Bugliari and a 7-years-old daughter Elizabella Dylan bugliari. The couple has maintained a repo in the entertainment industry as well as among their fans but recent comments of Alyssa Milano got social media users charged up against her.

Milano made an appearance at a podcast hosted by People’s magazine titled “me becoming mom” and here she opened up about her experience of becoming a mother and some of her casually said thoughts were not well-perceived. They were actually jaw-dropping.

“I remembered at one point [during childbirth] really not enjoying the fact that lots of people had access to my vagina,” Milano stated to host Zoë Ruderman. “And thinking to myself, ‘Why does — I don’t like this. Why does it feel so familiar? I’ve never had a baby before. Why does this invasive feeling feel so familiar?’ That was just a fleeting moment, a tick in time, but I didn’t forget about it.”

“After going through therapy after giving birth to Milo and remembering that one moment of feeling like I was being held down and had things being done to me tha t I didn’t want, to me, was very reminiscent of being sexually assaulted,” Milano said further adding that the birth of her second child — Elizabella Dylan with husband David Bugliari — “triggered all these memories,” she thought she was done with.

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It was not a surprise that her comments caught her off guard in front of social media users as a lot of social media outlets immediately started to report the exact words said on the podcast.

The actress was shamed and was harshly accused of comparing two very different phenomena of life. She was accused of misleading young minds about childbirth and ruining the lives of many young girls who might see her as an ideal and take inspiration from her words.

In response to all this backlash, Alyssa Milano remained adamant about her feelings and thoughts about childbirth reminding her of a sexual assault that she experienced when she was a young teenager.

Milano wrote a long response and a reply to social media users and her critics that requoting her own words –

“After going through therapy and giving birth and remembering that moment of feeling like I was being held down and had things being done to me that I didn’t want, to me, was very reminiscent of being sexually assaulted.”

“This is my truth,” said Alyssa Milano, as she shared a link to the interview with People where she stated this story. “Please don’t reduce it to a headline.”

In a follow-up post, the actress said, “My hope in sharing my struggles is that it will help birthing people feel less alone.”

“It has no reflection of my complete and total love and pride I have for my children,” Milano concluded. “I LOVE being their mother. I write of all of this and more in my book. #SorryNotSorry”.


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Final thoughts

The allegations of Alyssa Milano about childbirth might not be digested by a lot of readers and users but she does create a stir about people openly talking about their “birth stories’ ‘ and how it transformed their lives.

The criticism across social media platforms paved the way for a new wave of people using the term “birthing people” and talking about it.

Alyssa Milano refused to apologize and stick to her comparison and was backed by her husband David Bugliari who stood by her in these hard times when the whole world was against her.

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