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Benefits Of Embedding Linkedin Feed on Website

Benefits Of Embedding Linkedin Feed on Website

LinkedIn is a professional social media platform that streamlines the process of marketing one’s skills and discovering better job opportunities. However, finding jobs on the platforms is not its only use.

In the last few years, It has become an important brand resource. Brands can develop their online authority and relationships with millions of people with the help of LinkedIn.

With 770 million current active users of the platform, It has become an asset for brands and businesses. So much so that they have started to embed LinkedIn Feed on websites.

However, many businesses are still reluctant to use a LinkedIn feed on websites. Therefore, this blog will discuss the benefits of using LinkedIn Feed.

What Is LinkedIn Marketing?

LinkedIn marketing utilizes LinkedIn to network, create leads, raise brand awareness, encourage collaboration and business relationships, exchange information, and increase website traffic. Given how well it works for growing professional networks, LinkedIn is a crucial part of many efficient marketing tactics today.


1 Benefits Of Using LinkedIn Feed On Website

There are ample benefits to using the LinkedIn feed on the website. Some of them are mentioned in this blog. We hope that by the end of this blog, we will convince you enough to have a LinkedIn feed on a website.


2 Decreases The Bounce Rate Of The Website

LinkedIn is a platform for working professionals. It is formal, and most of the time, people post about their professional experiences and needs on the platform. Using any social media aggregator tool, you can customize the overall look of the LinkedIn feed. A Linkedin Feed provides enough information and content for your visitors to stay on the website.

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It will eventually reduce the website’s bounce rate.

To get started with this, you can create an engaging LinkedIn profile. However, when you are creating content for your LinkedIn page, make sure you are also incorporating videos into your content. According to LinkedIn itself, LinkedIn video posts generated more than 300 million impressions on the platform.


3 Builds Trust And Credibility

When your target audience visits your website, they look for social proof of your business. When you serve them with a Linked in feed of your business, it helps you establish instant credibility and trust for your business. A LinkedIn feed helps you to showcase your impactful presence on social media.


4 Generate Audience Engagement

No matter which industry your business belongs to, a LinkedIn feed on a website is the safest bet. It can create enough buzz for your business. Using the Linked In feed on the website, you can engage your visitors in the following ways:

  • A Linked in feed on your website provides enough information about your business. Therefore, this helps them to engage with your website rather than just scrolling through the website.
  • The visitors will not have to leave the website to see your Linked In page.


5 Increases Conversion Rate

A business website with low conversion rates is a nightmare for every business owner. Sometimes your target audience lingers on your website but does not purchase your business. To avoid such scenarios, a Linked In feed can be helpful for you at its best.

A Linked In feed will help you establish trust and credibility. Apart from that, you can also solve the query of each visitor. You can also add feedback on your product or service.

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Statistics have shown that the website that reveals the social proof of their business gets a higher rate of conversion.


6 Increases Brand Loyalty

Social media networking sites like Linked In are designed to be approachable and communicative. Customers can see your business is approachable by interacting with them on social media. You will always stand with them no matter what. Always remember that you are working with your customers, not against them. When consumers believe in your brand, brand loyalty develops.


7 Time And Money Efficient

A Linked In feed provides you with enough content without hampering your marketing budget. You can also aggregate the content created by your product or service users and embed them on your website. Since this is user-generated content, it will not cost you much.

However, it is highly recommended to ask the creators before using their content. In any other case, it can lead you to copyright infringement.

Once you display the user-generated content on the website, it will encourage other users to create content for you.


Wrapping Up

A Linked In feed on the website will help you to establish the authority and authenticity of your business. The best way to embed LinkedIn Widget is to use any social media aggregator tool. These tools are easy to operate and affordable at the same time. They also allow users to customize the entire feed according to their brand image.

So don’t wait. Embed your Linked In feed on your business website and see your business grow.

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