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Best places for trekking in Pune

Best places for trekking in Pune

The must-see hiking locations in Pune, Maharashtra, are available for anyone seeking an exciting experience. The most popular travel destination for people is this city. One of the factors that influence people’s decision to trek in Pune is the city’s picturesque scenery. Travelers from all over the world visit Pune for an adventurous vacation. Pune is a beautiful, peaceful, spiritual city that has captured the hearts of people with its vigour and fascinating charm. India is proud of its urban traditional culture and modern lifestyle.

The fact that Raja Shivaji, the fiercest fighter and warrior of the Maratha Empire, is still alive and well in Pune’s winds proves that this city’s history is more than just a lesson in lessons. It is impossible to overlook the waterfalls that cascade from the massive mountains and the happiness that is permeating the winds. Everything is a representation of this lovely place, from the film city to the hills. The locations for trekking in Pune are preferred by young people seeking excitement. Pune’s Sahyadri Mountain is well-known for trekking and the breath taking forts that draw tourists there. With all of the good vibes from nature, how could you not pick this location to spend your weekend? People can sense the existence of some mystical forces in the atmosphere of this city since it is a green metropolis that connects them to the beauty of nature. People are drawn to the trekking destinations close to Pune to take in this vibrant splendour.


  • Rajmachi Trek

Rajmachi is a little village located in the Maharashtra Konkan region’s Sahyadri mountain range. The mediaeval fortress at Rajmachi, known for its two fortified peaks known as Shrivardhan and Manaranjan forts, is situated close to the well-known hills of Lonavala and Khandala. 

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Shrivardhan and Manaranjan, two fortified peaks on Rajmachi, are present. From the base hamlet of Udhevadi, a 30-minute trek will bring you to a plateau between the two peaks. Trekkers and adventure seekers frequent this location for the excitement of scaling the two peaks as well as for the historical significance of the fort that can be observed in the fort’s ruins and the constructions that have been left behind.


  • Visapur Fort Trek

Greater in size than its twin fort, Lohagad, is the well-known monsoon Sahyadri Fort. Lohagad Fort is at a lower elevation than Visapur Fort Lonavala. On the Sahyadri Fort, there are a lot of caverns, water tanks, historic houses, arches, waterfalls, and temples. Two structures, which once housed government offices, currently have no roofs. Peshwas Wada is the name of a popular stone-built residence at Visapur Fort. There are numerous temples devoted to Lord Hanuman at the Fort, as evidenced by the sculpture of him. A great place for hiking is Visapur, which is close to Mumbai, Pune, and Lonavala. 

The ideal spot to spend a rainy evening is on a monsoon trek to Visapur Fort, India! Take a stroll with your significant other or enjoy time with friends in Visapur, India. In Maharashtra, India, close to Visapur village, there is a hill fort known as Visapur Fort or just Visapur Fort. The Lohagad Visapur fortification includes it. Your journey will be wonderful thanks to the Visapur Fort Monsoon Trek. Enjoy the excitement of walking across the difficult terrain! From its 3556-foot height, Fort provides a magnificent vista. One of the best hikes to take during the monsoon is to Killa, which is in Maharashtra close to the district of Pune.

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The Visapur Killa is a top-rated excursion site for both nature lovers and thrill-seekers, perched above a verdant plateau. Accessible from Mumbai and Pune, the Fort walk is a one-day hike. The path up to the fort is a huge maze of pebbles and steps.


  • Andharban Trek

Your next trip should take you to Andharban, where you’ll find yourself in the thick of pitch-black woods, navigating your way through valleys and along some Ghats. Adventures seem to be calling your name. There are a lot of things to discover. You might go mad looking at the enormous mountain ranges and captivating valleys and ghats. There are amazing things to discover. These trekking locations are perfect for you if you are a real trekker.


  • Torna Fort Trek

The tallest fort in Pune is surrounded by a continuous canopy of greenery and gentle flowers, making it one of the most tranquil/best trekking locations in Pune for any daring soul. The fort is sixty kilometres from Pune, and the atmosphere there is upbeat. This largest hill fort in the Pune region, which rises to a height of 4603 feet, has carved out a place for itself in the western ghats due to the beauty that its design and aesthetics encompass.

As a result of its enormous size, it was given the name Prachandagad, where Prachanda in Marathi means “big” and gad “the Fort.” The Fort was taken over by Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj in 1646 when he was just 16 years old. Subsequently, it was ruled by a number of Maratha kings and eventually developed into the centre of the Maratha Empire, where numerous battles were fought and triumphed.



  • Sinhagad Fort Trek

One of the best forts around Pune for hiking and camping is Sinhagad Fort, also known as the Sinhagad Killa. It is around 35 km from Pune’s central business district. To learn everything there is to know about Sinhagad Fort, its history, and what to do there, read this guide. 

The majority of the city’s youth go to Sinhgad Fort, a hill stronghold close to Pune. With steep cliffs on one side and a valley road on the other, they constructed the fort in a way that would naturally provide defence. Today, a lot of people go to the fort to learn about Sinhagad’s history or to go hiking. The route of the Sinhagd Trek is described in more detail below.

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