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Devkund Waterfall Trek – Trekking Guide

Devkund Waterfall Trek – Trekking Guide

Devkund waterfall is a beautiful hidden gem that is located 130 km from Mumbai. Local people also called it the virgin waterfall. It became famous on social media. This is a convergence of 3 waterfalls. This place devkund means “Dev ki Kund” or “Gods bathing pond”. This is a very easy trek and the total distance is about 3 km. You can visit here in the month from June to December. From Mumbai and from Pune it is 130 kilometres and 100 kilometres.

You can also visit from Lonavala, which is 83 kilometres from this place. Monsoon period is the ideal time to visit here. Each passenger must purchase an admission ticket for Inr 10/- rupees. There are no vehicles that can get to that point; so you’ll have to walk for approx two hours to get there. The parking fee for a two-wheeler vehicle is Inr 30/- rupees and for four-wheelers is Inr 50/- rupees. This waterfall must be on everyone’s bucket list. one can get to play in the naturally created pond beneath the Devkund waterfalls. The total trekking trail is filled with colourful wild flowers, flora and fauna.


How to Get There From Mumbai:

By Road:

Devkund waterfall is easily accessible by road from Lonavala.  This is the most simple way to reach Devkund waterfall. First you need to travel towards Karjat. Then you need to travel towards Pali. After reaching Pali you need to head towards Bhira. Hre you can park your vehicle. After reaching Pali one can also park their vehicle here and take a bus towards Bhira. 

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By Train:

You need to take a CST local towards Karjat. From here take a bus towards Pali and then Bhira. 


How to Get There From Pune:

By Road:

Devkund waterfall is situated 100 kilometres away from Pune. The total journey will be really amazing. From Pune you can hire a taxi to the waterfall. Actually there aren’t a lot of parking spaces near Devkund waterfall. Many buses go from Pali and Bhira to the Devkund waterfall. Some buses go from Khopoli to Pali. 


By Train:

From Pune to Bhira there are no direct trains.So, you need to travel from Pune to Khopoli and then you can take a bus from there. 


Trek Map To The Waterfall:

After reaching Bhira you need to park your vehicle. This is a beautiful forest trail. The tracking trail goes through a forest section. Here you can explore the man made Bhira Dam that is 30 minutes from Bhira village. Beside the dam you can make your camp and stay overnight. You will need to walk beside the reservoir for some minutes. This place will take you to the forest trail. After crossing the forest section you will find a beautiful green landscape with open meadows.

From here the route became little accent towards the waterfall. Travellers can explore small hearts that serve hot tea, snacks, lemon juice etc. The total climb takes place in a dense forest so you need to take some extra precautions. No one is allowed to get to the place where the water meets the length due to its depth. The depth can be 55 to 60 Feet. Sometimes before some people drowned here. October 2 middle of November is the ideal time to see this stunning waterfall.

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Nearby Attractions:

There are some popular attractions near this waterfall. This place is very popular among every thrill seeker. This is also an ideal place for trekking, hiking, walking and camping. 


Visit Ghangad Fort:

This is a beautiful fort that is 8.5 to 9 km from the waterfall. Ekole is the mountain base where the trek begins towards Ghangad fort. This is a very easy trek that one can do with normal fitness. This place offers a huge hiking option. Near this fort you can explore some beautiful valleys, many lakes, lush green fields and several sightseeing options.  


Camp Near The Bhira Dam:

This is a major trekking destination. This is a man made Dam where you can camp. Camping beside the lake site will give you an amazing experience. This is a most famous and well known campsite area. From the waterfall it is situated at 1/2 km. 


Important Things to Carry:

Here is a list that you can carry while planning a trip towards Devkund Waterfall. 

  • Thermals (Upper & Lower), Clothes, Down Jacket /Main Jacket.
  • Socks, Gloves and Slippers, Running Shoes/ Outdoor Shoes, Hats/Caps.
  • Some Medicines (Diamox – to reduce chances of AMS), First Aid Kit.
  • Id proof and Documents – Driver’s Licence, AADHAR Card, Voter ID,Passport and Visa copy for Foreign Nationals.
  • Sunglasses, Torch, 2 litres Water Bottle.
  • Power bank, Mobile Charger / Travel Charger.
  • A good raincoat.
  • Hand Sanitizer.
  • Cold Cream,Lip Guard, Sunscreen Lotion.

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