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Export Android Messages To PDF

Export Android Messages To PDF

One of the easiest and quick way to talk and to inform people is texting. Texting is the fastest way to keep in touch with your loved ones. At the start, these were only for an engineer to communicate with each other’s but now these have been spread worldwide due to their rapid usage.

You can easily tell people about your availability or late arrival. As these are easy and simple to use, therefore people use them to send their meaningful messages through them. So, none of them want to lose their conversations with their loved ones. Therefore, you can easily Export android messages to PDF via Backuptrans android SMA + MMS Transfer  tool.

This tool does not work only to transfer the PDF files instead you can transfer all kinds of files including; PDF, TXT, CSV, WORD, HTML, all at your computer. Backuptrans Android SMS + MMS Transfer is a keen text messaging app that allows you to export all your texts from android phones along with attachments to files like PDF, Txt, Csv, Html, or doc on your computer freely.

All popular Android Messages phones such as Samsung Galaxy S2/S3/S4/S5/S6/S7/S8/S9/S10/S20, Samsung Galaxy S6 edge/S7 edge, Samsung Galaxy S8+/S9+/S10+/S20+, Samsung Galaxy Note 3/4/5/8/9/10/Edge/Pro/10+, HTC, Motorola, LG, Nexus, Google Pixel, HUAWEI, XiaoMi, OPPO, VIVO, etc. are supported.

This guide will help you to know about all the processes step by step. Let’s dig deep into it.

Step by step guide on how to export text messages from Android to PDF, TXT, CSV, WORD, and HTML on PC


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Step1: Run the software on the computer and connect Android

First of all, you need to download the Backuptrans Android SMS + MMS Transfer on your computer. After downloading connect your android phone with the same computer with its charging cable or USB cable. You can see all your text messages on your PC device. Now you just need to wait because your backuptrans is going to do everything automatically. This will read all the text messages from the android device and show them on its main interface.

Make sure to believe that your USB cable is directly connected to your computer otherwise your android phone will not be connected to your computer. This will also help you to know about any bugging. Few android software needs their driver software to install first before they run on the computer. So, Keep check these details.

Step 2 C: Export your selected Android messages to document file

Now you need to select your device from the list of devices on the main interface. Now you need to click on the button “Export SMS + MMS to File” present at the top of the toolbar. You can also right-click to open the menu bar and then select “Export Selected SMS + MMS to File “.

Here, you also have the option to export all the messages from one contact or multiple. You can also select one chat after clicking on the name to choose the export. Lastly, you can also choose to just transfer the messages from one contact or multiple. This can be done by simply clicking on that contact and press ‘Export SMS to File’, on the toolbar or choosing the same option after right-clicking the file.

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Step 3: Select a save path

Now that you have all the messages you want to save selected, you need to select the “SMS and MMS save path”. After this, you need to select the file type like PDF, HTML, and Word, Excel, or other formats. The next step is to choose the file name you want to save with. After this choose to save to continue. Your messages will be saved in that document.

In the case when you do not have your android device you can simply do this procedure after backup the data in your database. This will be possible when you have saved SMS and MMS in your database. You can export all your SMS and MMS to any kind of document from your database with the help of backuptrans android SMS and MMS transfer at any time and any place.

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