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Gangnam shirt room charge facts

Gangnam shirt room charge facts

Gangnam blouse room sarah (previously once more) is one of the few t-shirt rooms open 24 hours an afternoon in gangnam with more than one reductions. Gown rooms can be used a whole lot less often than their most important running hours at 5 pm. Early morning drinks till 8 pm. These are miles away, so you may additionally have a very good threat to fulfill that more fashion ista you need. You may additionally use the shirt room at a slightly decrease charge than the simple session, or you can use the gangnam shirt room, which has brilliant fee overall performance. Gangnam blouse room part 1 working hours price
20:00. 1 am
in line with man or woman: 300,000 wins-body 160,000 wins + t / c 110,000 wins + t room 30,000 wins
for two humans: 410,000 prizes-primary part a hundred and sixty,000 prizes + t / c 220,000 prizes + t room 30,000 prizes
for three people: 520,000 received-a hundred and sixty,000 gained for the main unit + 30,000 received for t / c + 30,000 received for the t room
based on four human beings: 630,000 wins-frame 160,000 wins + t / c 440,000 wins + t room 30,000 wins
gangnam blouse room element 2 enterprise hours fee
01: 00-sixteen: 00
per individual: 270,000 wins-essential prizes one hundred thirty,000 wins + t / c one hundred ten,000 wins + t-room 30,000 wins
for 2 people: 380,000 sales-important portion one hundred thirty,000 revenue + t / c 220,000 revenue + t-room 30,000 sales
for 3 people: revenue of 490,000-sales of one hundred thirty,000 within the most important building + sales of t / c 330,000 + sales of t-room 30,000
for four people: six hundred,000 won-a hundred thirty,000 received for the main unit + 440,000 gained for t / c + 30,000 gained for the t room
request a reservation for a room sporting a gangnam t-blouse
for customers who do now not have identical-day reservations or have issues ordering on their smartphones, we take delivery of online inquiries and reservations from 강남 셔츠룸 saras (formerly re). In case you’re making plans a party or assembly, internet classes and reserving requests are smooth to use. Greetings from gangnam blouse room
while a clerk in uniform begins carrying tops, it’s far a tool that makes consumption extra thrilling with the aid of the use of the function to convert into a thin blouse without a bra. The terrific staff of gangnam shirt room includes more than one hundred fifty personnel who recognize their paintings each day and accept as true with that they’re unique to their customers.

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