Home Business Marketing Go through these eight steps to make your first plastic business cards for your company.

Go through these eight steps to make your first plastic business cards for your company.

Go through these eight steps to make your first plastic business cards for your company.

Whenever for official purposes, you have to meet some high-profile people at a business summit or in a meeting – you might have perceived a glimpse of different business cards of all sizes, colors, and designs. By handing over this small piece of information, they reveal information about themselves and the company, and about the product or service. You may find several stacks of these cards in your wallet or your office bag.

If you have a look at these modern plastic business cards, you can use them as a multi-tasking tool for your company. You can also use them as a ticket, bookmark, or even as a sticker as well for your business.

For you, this is not just a traditional first contact point with whom you can be considered as a probable client. So, for this reason, business owners like you use these small pieces as a piece of powerful marketing equipment in their inventory.

Over here in this blog post, we’ve tried to provide you with some tricks and tips for creating stunning plastic business cards for your company.


1. Particulates to be inserted. 

At the initial level, determine the particulars you want to have on your business card. It is essential since there is little space available on them, which does not permit the inclusion of full details from your business.

Present-day businesses have websites, email addresses, fax numbers, mobile numbers, and other contact information, which ought to be inscribed – along with the logo and the name of the company. Therefore, you need to share such details with the plastic card manufacturing servicer so that their designers do not have to struggle for space while designing. 

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2. Try to make it clear.

Never ever try to shrink the information to a certain level that it will be complex to read at first glance. In case you decrease the font size of the text to add more details – the fonts might not be as readable as it is online.

It becomes very filthy while printing the letters. So, avert using the calligraphy letters style with information. It will be a much better recourse in case you do not use fonts less than 8pt.


3. Use your creative powers.

Though you might be perceiving a few delineations decree while making your plastic business cards, use some innovative as well. So, try to look at inspirational designs and also try to come up with distinct and creative graphic design visions. The prominence must be in delivering your contact information in a unique way.


4. Pick the appropriate style.

Several business cards have a plain and simple form. Whereas the others are laden with colors. So, you have to decide which can grab your brand identity much more identically. Though light colors are better for offering the feel of elegance and exhilaration, too many colors are not desirable. This makes up the place much cluttered and confusing.

Therefore, the selection of a plain coreless card style can be a better aspect; if you run a well-sophisticated business or advance to ensure an impression on your potential clients.


5. Have a QR code.

Mapping of the business card is more valuable; when it comes to QR codes. In case you are required to put information into the limited card space, then the most demonstrated technique is to form your QR code. 

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Even you can also utilize the QR code generator to make the codes yourself. This code is the best way to encompass all of your company’s contact without making the card appear disorganized. Also, you can find a link between the content on your website and other online platforms and printed data.


6. Give special finishes.

Be sure that your free plastic business cards appear as top-notch finished products of great artwork. So, try to construct it with a standard finish. It is an essential process to make the card stand out from your competitors.

On this path, you can convey the actual motives of your company. So, assure the use of spot-UV, metallic inks, foil blocking, etc. – to offer the best finishing touch for a remarkable visual impression.


7. Create a 3D effect.

A 3D effect provides the impression that the text and the design are elevated from the surface, offering the card a distinct look and feel. This also includes style and elegance. These tactics can bring your card to life and also assist people in recalling your business.


8. Bypass the usual mistakes.

Try to neglect the few flawless on your card. Retain from making a straight-looking border on all four sides of the card. This can lead to partial misalignment during the trimming of your business card. 

So, try to consult with your card manufacturer to determine the bleed place – so that you do not device anything there. Therefore, ensure that your significant pattern as your business card inspiration is free of errors.

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Mainly, 3mm the bleed area should be. Since most printing is not always clear, ensure that you keep the content away from the border lines. Hence, set everything out in the center. You can do this for a better exercise ground.



So, these are some of the criteria for making your plastic business cards. It is not-only simple to use or carry but also an effective marketing strategy that can help your business to stand out from others. As the printing of plastic cards is much cheaper, engrossing and devising, hence this can create an impressive first impression of your business on your clients and customers.

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