Home Tech App/ Software How can The Latest Version of SQL Server Assist Its Users in Achieving More?

How can The Latest Version of SQL Server Assist Its Users in Achieving More?

How can The Latest Version of SQL Server Assist Its Users in Achieving More?

SQL Server is a relational database management system of Microsoft. Being a database server, this software has the main function of storing and retrieving data as requested by other apps. It may run either on the same computer or on another computer across a network. The latest version, Microsoft SQL Server 2022, can help you to maintain your working operations more seamlessly. It can help you to work more efficiently without making much more effort which can aid you or your firm to grow. This server is built on the previous version to develop SQL Server as a platform that provides you multiple choices of development languages, data types, cloud or on-premises environments, and operating systems. 


What are features of this version that can help the users?

We all know that Microsoft always tries to ease the working circumstances of its users by offering new and advanced features in the latest launches. This server can help its customers to work more effectively. Here are a few features mentioned below that can help you know more about the SQL Server. These may assist you and your business to grow.



  • Azure Synapse Link for SQL

It is an automated system for replicating data from your transactional databases into a dedicated SQL pool in Azure Synapse Analytics. Setting up a connection from your SQL data to Azure Synapse may be just a few clicks, and it is a matter of minutes rather than hours or days for traditional ETL procedures.


  • Object Storage Integration

SQL Server 2022 download for Windows 10 enables you to integrate SQL Server with S3-compatible object storage and Azure Storage. The first is backup to URL, and the second is Data Lake Virtualization.

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  • Microsoft Defender for Cloud integration

This security feature helps you to protect your SQL servers using the Defender for SQL plan. The SQL plan requires SQL Server Extension for Azure, including functionalities for discovering and mitigating potential database vulnerabilities and detecting anomalous activities. This quality of SQL Server could help you to indicate a threat to your databases.


  • Ledger

This security feature in SQL Server helps protect data from any attacker or high-privileged user, including database administrators (DBAs), cloud administrators, and system administrators. Ledger maintains historical data in a relational form to support SQL issues for auditing, forensics, and other purposes. It offers guarantees of cryptographic data integrity while managing the power, flexibility, and SQL database performance.


  • Azure Active Directory Authentication

Azure AD allows you to store objects like users, groups, or service principals as identities. This feature will enable you to access those identities to authenticate with various Azure services. This authentication process will protect your system from cyber malware.



  • System Page Latch Concurrency Enhancements

With SQL Server 2022 download, Microsoft allowed you to access a concurrent global allocation map (GAM) and shared global allocation map (SGAM). It gives SQL Server 2022 a significant improvement for scalability as tempdb is arguably the most critical database in your environment.


  • Buffer pool parallel scan

The buffer pool extension seamlessly integrates nonvolatile random access memory extension to the Database Engine buffer pool to improve the input and output throughput significantly. The buffer pool serves as a primary memory allocation source for SQL Server, and buffer management is crucial in achieving potential work.  

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  • Query Store

The Query Store feature offers insight into query plan choice and performance for SQL Server, Azure SQL Database, Azure SQL Managed Instance, and Azure Synapse Analytics. The Query Store eases performance troubleshooting by assisting you in finding performance differences caused by query plan changes rapidly. Query Store itself captures a history of queries, programs, and runtime statistics and retains these for your review.

The SQL Server 2022 may help you and your firm to work more efficiently. If you are planning to purchase the SQL Server or any other Microsoft products, you can consider buying it from DirectDeals. The platform offers post-purchase assistance to its worthy clients. The support team is 24 x 7 available to resolve its customer’s queries regarding the product. Therefore, you can contact the team at any hour of the day.

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