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How do you know if you’re in love?

How do you know if you’re in love?

When you’re in love, it can be hard to understand what’s happening. It’s like magic, and we often don’t know when it happens or how it happens. But some signs indicate that you’re falling in love with someone, signs you can look out for if you want to know for sure.

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If these signs apply to your current relationship, then congratulations. You’re probably experiencing true love for the first time.


You can talk for hours

The more you talk to someone, the more you will get to know them. The more you know someone, the more you will fall in love with them. The more you know someone, the deeper your love for them will grow.

If the two of you are having deep conversations about things like your childhood or where each other grew up and what high school was like for each of you (or what college was like), then this is a sign that there’s something special happening between the two of you, something beyond just physical attraction or sexual desire: You’re learning about each other’s lives on a deeper level and seeing how compatible your families were/are with each other.


You share the same values and beliefs

Think about it: if you have a partner who shares the same values and beliefs as you, then they’ll also be accountable for their actions. You can be honest with them and expect them to be honest with you. They’ll respect your boundaries, value your opinions and contributions, and support your dreams just as much as theirs.

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The best part is that these things don’t have to change once the relationship is over, you can still share similar values after going through hard times together.


You don’t have to hide anything from them

If you don’t feel like you can be completely open and honest with each other, then it’s time to ask yourself some questions. Is there something that they do that makes you feel insecure? Do they make fun of your friends? Are they constantly asking for things from you without giving anything back in return? If any of these sounds like something your partner is doing, then this could be a sign that he or she isn’t right for you.

If there are certain aspects of their personality or lifestyle that bother or concern me, I try not to hide them from my partner. The best way to deal with things like this is by talking about them rather than trying to cover up what bothers us about our partner so we’re forced into silence. For example: if my boyfriend doesn’t want his friends coming over while we’re at home together, I’ll talk about how much this bothers me instead of secretly resenting him for it. And if he wants me out of the house more often because it means less stress on his end (and therefore more drinking), then I’m willing to compromise by going out more often with my friends rather than staying home all the time just because he wants peace and quiet when he comes home from work.

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You have great chemistry

There’s a lot of chemistry involved in love. You’re drawn to each other, and you share the same interests and values. You laugh at the same jokes, you enjoy doing similar things together, and it feels good to be around each other. Being able to connect on all these levels is what makes a relationship work.


They make you feel safe

When you’re in love, you’ll feel safe with them. You can be yourself and they will accept you as you are. They make a safe place to be. They are trustworthy and reliable and this makes you feel secure when they are around.


You remember what they tell you

You remember what they tell you. You may not be able to describe the color of their eyes or the way their laugh sounds, but if someone told them once that they love hummus and now all they want is hummus, you’d be able to tell your friends about it. Or if someone told them once that they’re a bad cook and now never want to cook again, you’d know that too.

You remember what they say. If this person told you yesterday that they had a bad day at work and felt like quitting their job, then today when asked how things were going at work, your response would probably include something along the lines of: “I think it’s good because [insert person’s name] said he was having a bad day.” We can’t always recall what we did yesterday; why should we remember everything someone else has ever said? But somehow when someone else tells us something profound or important or personal, we do remember it.

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In conclusion, you can be sure that you are in love if the person you’re with makes you feel happy and safe. They share your values and beliefs, and they don’t have to hide anything from you because they trust each other enough to be open about everything.

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