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How much would it cost to develop a Node.js web application?

How much would it cost to develop a Node.js web application?

The short answer to the question, How much would it cost to develop a Node.js web application? is, of course, it depends on several factors including how large your team is and how much they charge you per hour, as well as what kind of NodeJS developer you want to hire and how much they cost per hour. So let’s see what we can come up with…

Setting up your computer

Whether you want to use Windows, Mac OSX, or Linux, there are still some simple steps that you need to take before you get started on your project. Setting up your computer will help ensure that when you are ready to start coding your Node.js app, everything is set up correctly so you can move onto the next step with ease.

Code Editors (optional)

In order to edit the code for the web app, you will need some kind of code editor that can handle typing both in front-end languages (HTML, CSS) and back-end languages (JavaScript). There are quite a few different editors out there but we recommend one of these four: Visual Studio Code, Sublime Text 3, Atom or Brackets.

Web Servers (e.g., Heroku)

The servers, or back-end, of the app will be run in one of two ways: either on a traditional server that you rent or buy from a hosting company, or by leveraging what’s called an online service (usually referred to as platforms). A popular and free option for hosting your app is Amazon Web Services (AWS). If you want more technical control over your server, you can purchase your own dedicated instance at one of many hosting providers and install an operating system like Linux on it.

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A Database Server (e.g., MongoDB Atlas)

As you are designing your application, you will need to decide which database and which hosting provider for that database. We recommend using the hosted service MongoDB Atlas (MongoDB Atlas) if this is your first project and you want the easiest possible setup and low-cost hosting. With MongoDB Atlas, deploying databases is as easy as dragging them onto the map.

A Hosting Service (e.g., AWS EC2/S3)

Hosting services provide an abstraction layer for the resources needed for hosting websites and applications, such as server capacity, memory, or storage space. When starting out with a website hosting service (e.g., AWS EC2/S3), it is best to try out one of the many providers on offer rather than committing at first use.

A Cloud Computing Company (e.g., Google App Engine)

Google App Engine is a cloud computing company that allows developers to quickly create, run, and scale applications on the Google Cloud Platform (GCP). By signing up for their platform, developers can have the peace of mind that Google will scale according to usage and power throughout. Additionally, with App Engine’s pricing model, there are no upfront costs for most applications.

Test Tools (e.g., TestCafe, Cypress, Jest and Enzyme)

 Web development companies use tools that test websites automatically, which helps them detect and fix bugs faster and more reliably. Most of these automated testing tools work by recording user interactions with a website or web app and then playing them back against expected results; if an interaction is different than what was expected, the tool will report on what happened during that action in detail so developers can address any problems or bugs.

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A Continuous Integration Platform (e.g., Jenkins)

The good news is that there are tons of AngularJS Development Company out there, many of which can help you get set up with Continuous Integration quickly and without hassle. In general, most companies offer the service on a pay-as-you-go basis: You’ll be charged by the hour or by a monthly subscription fee to access their tools and services. That said, there are also plenty of paid services out there which can save you time and resources in the long run if you’re not sure where to start.


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