Home Tech How To Manage Thousands Of Product References With Your CRM?

How To Manage Thousands Of Product References With Your CRM?

How To Manage Thousands Of Product References With Your CRM?

A distributor in the food industry manages thousands of product references. Organization and rigor are therefore required CRM to track orders, necessary supplies, current promotions, etc.

To facilitate the commercial management of more than 1000 products and 2000 customers, Dynamics Square has deployed Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM for one of its customers . This was accompanied by solutions dedicated to the management of the sales force, as well as telesales.


Digitize Business Data

The initial order was the integration of CRM Dynamics 365 in the European subsidiaries of the company, which specializes in food distribution. Once the standard solution was installed, the desire to go further and push the commercial functions of CRM led to a specific project.

Indeed, the need to further digitize the commercial part had two aspects. First telesales. By facilitating product information, telemarketers can access a lot of key information with just a few clicks. Then the introduction of reporting to optimize sales.


Fine Management Of The Product Assortment

In concrete terms, the work of referencing product assortments requires a significant amount of configuration time. A time-consuming step, but necessary to then save time and efficiency. Here, it was necessary to work on a case-by-case basis, because each store, independent or part of a franchise, opted for particular references according to its needs.

The franchisees or independents have each developed their commercial strategy, according to the size of their agri-food store, the habits of their customers, as well as their geographical location. This is why, faced with so many specificities, Dynamics Square has developed an add-on to manage this assortment of products in a very fine way . In such a way that the tool that references the products has a multitude of criteria.

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A Database That Benefits Telesales

Thus, telesales benefits from this new, fully computerized management method. The team then has a 360° view of the customer, notably through orders and during interactions. A new solution that also allows you to produce detailed analyses.

To supplement this data, salespeople can list information about their customers in the same place. These are generally collected at the time of visits. For example, the sales team provides information, using a photo, on the location of products on the shelves via the linear survey function. From then on, the database and the customer files are enriched. From the current promotional leaflet, to the number of references on the shelves, or even the prices charged in stores, everything converges towards the CRM . So much data formerly compiled in paper version or in an external file.


Power BI, The Power Of Reporting

All these elements are highly appreciated by salespeople, as they contribute to the preparation of exchanges and customer negotiations. While the reporting part is powered by the use of Power BI in connection with the CRM. In our case, as it is a specific development, the client has chosen three levels of access. One for the commercials, another for the regional managers and the ultimate for the sales management.

The data from the CRM emerges and is formatted in such a way as to be easily analyzed for the three levels of accreditation. This is the strength of Power Business intelligence, which is becoming an essential decision-making tool.

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