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Learn To Write An Essay: 8 Easy Steps For Fresh Writers

Learn To Write An Essay: 8 Easy Steps For Fresh Writers

Are you tired of collecting lots of information for your essay and ending up having an unstructured essay Write that makes no sense? Do you always stay scared about how to get started writing an essay? Well, that’s the problem of most people at the beginning of their essay writing journey. We will write a concise article explaining step-by-step how to write an essay using 8 easy steps to give you a strong base for essay writing. First, let’s see what an essay is and why we need to write it. An essay is a French word whose meaning is to try. It’s a piece of writing on any given topic.

It means you do not need rocket science to write an essay. It’s just relevant information you need to write by following the guidelines we have provided below. You can easily learn to write an essay by reading the whole article.


8 Easy Steps To Write An Effective Essay:

Here, we have mentioned 8 easy steps to write an essay.

Step 1- Understand The Essay Prompt And Decide The Type Of Essay

In step one, you need to understand the topic of your given essay and decide what type of essay you need to write.


Argumentative Essay

An argumentative essay is one in which you must defend some opinion using arguments.


Problem Solution Essay

Essay in which you need to define the problem and propose a solution to that problem.


Informative Essay

Essay to educate the reader on a particular topic.


Compare And Contrast Essay

The essay needs to highlight the similarities and differences between given objects.

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Narrative Essay

An essay needs to convey information in a scripted manner like a story.


Persuasive Essay

A convincing essay that is intended to persuade the reader to agree with some point of view.


Expository Essay

Step-by-step guidance on how to do a certain task. If you don’t have any idea about this type, you can buy essay online.


Descriptive Essay

A descriptive essay describes an emotion, situation, person, place or experience of any person with something in detail.

Finding the type of essay helps in selecting the essay’s title and deciding what type of content is needed to write the essay.


Select The Relevant Topic For Your Essay

A problem statement generally explains what to write in a particular essay. Plus, the problem statement leads you to brainstorm and select the most relevant and descriptive topic for your essay.

To select a relevant topic, read the problem statement 3 to 4 times. Design the title to be shorter, attractive, and to the point. Plus, ensure your title completely describes what the reader will read in the essay. It means the title must be accurate and believable.


Hook The Reader By Collecting Useful Information To Add To The Article

No matter how much you know about a particular topic, always do good research before writing an essay. For more authentic information, use any book written by well-known authors, published research proposals or Google Scholar. You can also search what other people have written about that topic on the internet or any other credible resource. 

Relevant and to-the-point research does wonder in hooking the reader with the topic, and the reader never feels boredom.

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Choose A Relevant Writing Style For The Essay

There are three writing styles available, which you can choose according to the essay type you will write.

  • APA

APA writing style is used for research papers.

  • Chicago Manual of style

Chicago style is used for writing scientific writings

  • MLA

MLA style is used for language, humanities and arts essay writings.


Make A Dummy Draft Of Your Essay

Now it’s time to design a dummy structure for your essay. 

First, start writing a thesis statement, and then write an introduction. Decide what to write in the introduction. In the introduction, you can write what problem people face due to the intended problem statement and then elaborate on how your essay will solve the reader’s problem.

Next, you will decide what your body paragraphs will be and what information you need to write in body paragraphs. You will also decide what type of supporting sentences and quotes you can write in favour of your problem statement.

Finally, you will brainstorm what to write in the conclusion. While writing the conclusion, make sure you write a whole summary of your entire essay. You can also revise the thesis statement of your essay and the conclusion of the entire topic or some lines, which can leave a lasting impact on the reader.


Let’s Write The Essay:

Now, as you have already designed the draft of your essay, it’s time to start writing researched information and content according to the structure of the draft you have created. While writing, keep the article’s title in mind and ensure you are not adding irrelevant content that diverts you from the main topic.

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Plus, add relevant content in headings and subheadings of the structure. Consistency in the article engages the reader and compels him to read the whole essay. So keep clarity and consistency in writing an essay.


Elaborate Your Point:

While writing paragraphs, ensure you are not writing some paragraphs too long or too short. During essay writing, there will be some points that will need detailed elaboration. These are the points of the essay where you need to defend your point. Tackle these points by giving facts and examples with detailed information. 


Read The Essay And Pick Out Mistakes:

You may wonder why reading an essay is important. When you write for the first time, it’s impossible to pick out mistakes you have made before. But when you read it, you will find out whether your essay is consistent, plus it’s an opportunity to remove all mistakes in the article like grammar, punctuation, or any other.



People with no writing background always hesitate to write an essay. Besides this hesitation if they learn to write an essay, it becomes easy to write. We have elaborated in the article on how to write the title. Then after collecting information, you will jump to start making an draft of your essay. After adding relevant content to the draft, you need to revise the essay. While reading the article, make sure the article has consistency, and there are no grammar or spelling mistakes.

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