Home World Travel & Tours One of the most well-liked travel destinations in India is Kashmir.

One of the most well-liked travel destinations in India is Kashmir.

One of the most well-liked travel destinations in India is Kashmir.


One of the most well-liked travel destinations in India is Kashmir. It is a beautiful place, with snow-capped mountains and valleys, lush green forests and a rich history that dates back to thousands of years ago.

Kashmir is a land of gods, where you can experience the beauty of nature and its people. The place has been described as heaven on Earth. It is a paradise for tourists who are looking for peace and serenity in their lives.

The name “Kashmir” means “Land of Pure” and it was given to this region because there were no major cities or towns in the area when it was first discovered by Alexander the Great in 326 BC. However, today there are several towns, villages and cities located around this small valley which makes it easy to explore this beautiful place without having to go far away from your hotel or guesthouse accommodation!


The Crown of India

Kashmir is a land of beauty, culture and spirituality. The crown of India has been known as the heaven on Earth since time immemorial. There are many myths about this place that will fascinate you when you visit it at least once in your life.

While exploring Kashmir tour packages with us, you will get to know more about this sacred place and its history which makes it even more special than any other tourist destination in India!


Types of Tourists in Kashmir

There are a lot of types of tourists in Kashmir, but they are all welcomed by the locals. Some of the most typical varieties are listed below:

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Solo traveller – A solo traveller is someone who travels alone and doesn’t have anyone else with them.

Group tour – A group tour is when you go on vacation with a group or family from your home town or city. You will meet other people from all over the world who share your same interests and hobbies like travelling, hiking, cooking etc..

Family/Couple travel – Families that want to spend quality time together can choose this type which means staying at hotels near each other’s homes so that there won’t be any long distance between them while touring around Kashmir Valley along with their kids (if applicable).


How to Plan a Kashmir Tour?

Planning your Kashmir tour can be done in many ways. You can plan it by yourself or with the help of a travel agency. The best way to explore paradise on earth is to visit this place at least once in your lifetime. The beauty of this place will stay with you forever and I am sure that after seeing it, even if you ever visit India again, nothing compares with how beautiful Kashmir looks like!


Best Places to Visit in Kashmir

Pahalgam is the best place to visit in Kashmir. It has a lot of beautiful places and monuments like:

Pahalgam Lake: This lake lies on the banks of Pahalgam Lake, which is also known as “The Lake of Peace”. The lake was formed by melting snow during winters and rains in summers. It holds water throughout the year because it is surrounded by mountains, which prevent its water from draining out.

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The climate here is very pleasant with moderate temperatures all year round (except during heavy rainfall). There are many hotels available here for tourists who want to stay overnight or longer periods. Also there are many restaurants where you can enjoy your meal after exploring this amazing place!

Kashmir is a paradise on earth. It’s the crown of India and it has everything which you need to have an unforgettable experience in your life! You are welcome to visit this location with both family and friends. There are many places to visit here. It is also recommended to visit Dal Lake because it’s so beautiful and peaceful with its green fields and flowers around it. If you want to enjoy some adventure then go skiing at Aruch Valley or trekking through Peer Mountain Range along with its snow-capped peaks that give you a feeling like heaven when you look up at them from below!


Everyone should visit once in their lifetime!

Kashmir is a place of peace and tranquillity. It’s the most beautiful place on earth, with its snow-capped mountains, emerald green valleys, and clear blue skies. You will feel like you have entered another world when you step foot in this paradise!

Kashmir offers natural beauty which cannot be found anywhere else in India or abroad. The valley has been carved out by rivers that flow from glacier-fed glaciers high above sea level to form lakes at their feet; lakes that attract migratory birds from all over Asia for nesting during winter months (January–March).

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The different types of trees growing here include oak forest with its coniferous species such as pine trees beside it; maple bushes near streams where tourists can go fishing for trout; apple orchards growing fruit on vines that are used by locals for making jams etc..



The best way to experience the diversity of Kashmir is through a tour. It will not only give you an insight into the people, culture and history of the area but also help you learn more about yourself.

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