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Rupin Pass 2022 – Best Himalayan Trek

Rupin Pass 2022 – Best Himalayan Trek

This post is only for adrenaline and nature enthusiasts searching for a new day of excitement. Rupin passes a high altitude trek and is considered to be a challenging one to complete. The trail begins at Dhaula Uttarakhand to Sangla village in Himachal Pradesh. The majority of the trek Rupin Pass which is more than 79 percent of the total is in Himachal itself.

The trek is well-known for adventurers not only because of its altitude, which is about 15350 feet at its highest and also due to the terrain that is never able to amaze us by its beauty and challenge.

The trek is described to be difficult and lasts seven days in length and covers 47km. It is ideal to cover all types of trek , such as the snow meadows, rocky terrain water streams, meadows, and many more. You will start in the lush and hot landscape to the coldest areas of Himachal towards the close.


The best time to go

The most popular time to begin this course is from May through June, or from late August until the final day of October.


Who is eligible to participate

There is a valid age limit of 15 to 55 years old. to be able to take this hike. It is recommended to have experience with higher altitude treks before and is mentally fit to complete the distance of 6 km in just 30 minutes. They can maintain their breath for more than 45 seconds, is able to carry a weight of 16 kg or more and have a normal BMI (Body Mass Index). If the person who is planning to take this particular trek isn’t able to meet these criteria, they will need to begin training in order to get their bodies ready for the trek.

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The itinerary for 7 days is made by hand specifically for you!

Day One: Let’s get started with a bang!

The day one in the Rupin route is gorgeous and easy with an easy ascent starting from “Dhaula” and finishes at the stunning Kinnaur temple in Sewa in which the locals display their medals and trophies and where you can camp at the close to the journey. When you cross Dhaula, remember to be grateful to see such natural beauty and savor the scent of apricot and orchid emanating out of the valley.

Altitude ranging from 5000ft up to 6150ft.

Distance 11km

Time 6 hours


2nd day: Let’s raise the amount!

Second day on the Rupin pass hike is a moderately difficult trek. You should practice yoga, stretching and meditation prior to leaving and eat in a light way because you’ll need to be energized! The trek begins from Sewa and concludes at Jhaka. The terrain is thought to be difficult due to its varied ascents and descents, as well as the dense vegetation. Through the terrain you’ll pass by the “no man’s territory” bridge, named that way because it isn’t part of any particular state. As you travel through villages like gosangu, kwar and jiskun and finally, Jhaka where you can worship at the temple of the past and relax your body to prepare for the following day.

Altitude: 6150ft – 8,700ft

Distance 9 kilometers

Time 9 hours


3rd Day: Let’s take it easy today!

On the third day, Rupin pass trek. Rupin route is regarded as easy because it’s well-planned between Jhaka up to Saruwas Thatch although beware of the streams of the river when crossing. This is among the most memorable treks in Rupin pass. Once you have reached Saruwas Thatch take a rest and this is where you will camp for the 3rd day . However, make sure you take time to appreciate the view of the upper waterfall as well as the lower waterfall at the same time. Always remember to rest your body in adequate rest for the days to arrive.

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Altitude 9700ft to 11150ft

Distance 6 kilometers

Time 5 hours


4. Day 4: Saruwas the thatch of Dhanteras thatch

Continue on the easy and laid-out trail for the fourth day. We’re off to the most stunning and picturesque trek on the Rupin pass. Take in this natural splendor, finally get to the lower waterfall and then make camp and enjoy the stunning sky.

The altitude ranges from 11150ft up to 11860ft.

Distance 5 kilometers

Time 4 hours


5th day 5th day: Lower to upper

Here is where things begin to get rough. The climb is difficult ahead. The day is there for trekkers to adjust to the terrain and learn to slide across the snow and how to properly climb up in the snow. You will pass by an incredible and beautiful snow bridges on Rupin Pass. Rupin pass trek. Then, after some time , call it a day , and relax as you are about to get wild!

Altitude 11860ft – 13120ft

Distance 2 km

Time 3 hours


6th day: The most difficult one is always on the sleeves

This is the time you should be taking your time because the path ahead is steep and there is a huge danger of falling stones from the top. It is mandatory for trekkers to report any locations of AMS. The trek stretches from the upper waterfall up to Ronti Gad. Once you get there, it’s an easy climb after which you can rest and relax from the immense stress.

Altitude 13120ft – 15250ft

Distance 10 kilometers

Time 11 hours

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7th day: Boost your spirits, it’s the final day!

The hike is very steep as you’ll drop altitude quickly, therefore be sure to travel in a safe manner. The trek begins at Ronti Gad, and continues to Sangla kanda. When you arrive at the destination, you’re walking around. You can hire an auto straight to Shimla and then recollect the experiences from the trek , and then be sure to share the experience with your family and friends.

Altitude: 1340ft – 8800ft

Distance 12 km

Time Duration: 6 hours

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