Home World Travel & Tours The Tarsar Marsar Trek is one of Kashmir most stunning treks.

The Tarsar Marsar Trek is one of Kashmir most stunning treks.

The Tarsar Marsar Trek is one of Kashmir most stunning treks.

Undoubtedly breathtaking, Kashmir ethereal beauty enthralls poets, nature enthusiasts, and tourists alike. Snow-capped mountains, velvety green meadows, swift-moving rivers, alpine trees, breathtaking alpine lakes, and other natural features adorn the state’s landscape. 

Aside from its breathtaking natural surroundings, Kashmir is home to several well-traveled Himalayan trails. On the Tarsar Marsar lake hike, you follow a breathtakingly beautiful path. I will go into great detail about all the information, attractions, and features of this hike in this comprehensive guide.


The Tarsar Marsar Lake

Two alpine lakes, Tarsar Lake and Marsar Lake, are located in the Kashmir Himalayas at elevations of 12500 feet and 13000 feet, respectively.

These two similar-natured lakes are separate locations by a mountain. They are considered twin sisters because of this.

The location of Tarsar Marsar is 20 kilometers east of Kolahoi Mountain in the Jammu & Kashmir province’s Anantnag district. In particular, Marsar Lake is located close to Dachigam National Park. The two things that have The gorgeous Tarsar, who are fans of this hike lake location and the incredibly lovely landscape of the location.


When to Visit Tarsar Marsar is Best

The months of April through September are perfect for the Tarsar Marsar hike.

The Tarsar Marsar Trek route is still clear and the scenery is greener in May. Once again, June is the right month for a hike to Tarsar Marsar.

The months of August and September are best for the Tarsar Marsar trek. The Kashmir valley experiences little rain during these two monsoon months, and the weather is clear and welcoming to visitors.

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Temperature and the environment

July to August for this journey is the most comfortable period. When it’s sunny, the daytime temperature ranges from 15 to 18 degrees. Temperatures in cloudy or rainy conditions range from 4 to 5 degrees. However, the temperature drops sharply to 1-3 degrees at night.

Mid-August through September sees the beginning of the colder Tarsar Marsar weather. The temperature at night varies from -3 to -5 degrees during this time.


Tarsar Marsar Trek: Basic Information

  • Location: Anantnag District, Jammu & Kashmir, Altitude Range: 7950 ft to 13,400 ft
  • Level of Difficulty: Easy to Moderate
  • Distance overall: 47.6 km
  • Beginning in Srinagar
  • Srinagar, the destination,
  • April to September is the best moment to travel.
  • High: 15 to 18 degrees, Low: -3 to -5 degrees (Lowest)
  • The nearest railroad station is Jammu Tawi.
  • Nearest ATM is in Pahalgam.


Getting to the basecamp

You must travel to Srinagar to start the trail. Don’t forget to report to Srinagar’s tourist knowledge base.


From Srinagar

By train and air, Srinagar has good connections to the rest of the paths.


By air

Srinagar is directly air-connected to major cities like New Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore, Kolkata, and Mumbai.


via train

Jammu is the railroad station that most resembles Srinagar. Jammu has excellent access to India’s major junction stations once more. One may choose between a quick 40-minute flight from Jammu to Srinagar or a 10-hour direct bus ride. Other options include taxis and cabs, which take 8 to 9 hours to


From Srinagar to Aru (basecamp)

We provide pick-up and drop-off car service at Moxtain. from Srinagar to Aru and from Aru to Srinagar.

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Both shared and private taxi services are available from Srinagar to Pahalgam if you decide to make your own plans for travel. You must switch taxis in Pahalgam.


Trek Difficulty Level

It’s not too difficult to trek to Tarsar Marsar. This hike can be a little challenging for beginners because of some rough patches, steep ascents or descents, and boulder-filled areas on the trail.

The most challenging part for any beginner may be the difficult descent through the pass that comes after Sunderser lake and leads to Marsar lake. However, a well-prepared person wearing sturdy trekking shoes can easily get around it.

If you have never hiked before but are determined and deeply committed to going on this trip, get yourself mentally and physically ready for 2-3 months.

This trek is definitely recommended for experienced hikers to take on.

The Tarsar Marsar lake trek, in addition, has a lot to offer. There are only a handful of lake treks in the Himalayas that can compare to this one in terms of the scenery and the modest difficulties the trail presents to hikers.

This trek is therefore appropriate for all, regardless of experience level, with the exception of young children, families, and elderly people.


How Safe Is This Trek?

Due to the trail’s location in a remote area of Kashmirs, far from populated areas, there is absolutely no chance of unrest or conflict.

The only time you interact with people is when you travel by road from Srinagar to Aru or back to Srinagar.


If you experience unrest or a sudden curfew during this time, don’t become alarmed. You can Avoid uncomfortable and dangerous situations by exercising some caution, such as:

  1. Remain in tourist areas; never attempt to independently explore downtown or a mysterious region
  2. Request information and make an effort to confirm prior to making any private travel arrangements.
  3. Remain alert and up-to-date on local news, and keep a close eye on what’s going on in your area.

knowledgeable hike advises with in-depth knowledge of the relevant terrain and other local circumstances operate the Tarsar Marsar trek. They are equipped to handle AMS further initial medical attention. In order for you to properly acclimate and manage the physical strain of the journey, Additionally, a seven-day duration for the hike is planned.

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