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Things to Know Before you visit Pawna Lake Camp

Things to Know Before you visit Pawna Lake Camp

A beautiful weekend near a serene lake after a long continuation of working days is the perfect way to unwind and have yourself recharged. Located in Lonavala about 120 km away from Mumbai and 65 km from Pune, Pawna Lake is a perfect family-friendly destination. Being cost-effective, this destination attracts a lot of young travellers. Surrounded by hills, this area is comparatively less explored but now that the Pawna dam has been built, it’s gaining more and more attention. So before the place gets crowded and commercialised, add it to your bucket and plan a trip to the mesmerising Pawna Lake. Various fun activities like kayaking, paragliding, exploring nearby hills, and visiting temples can be experienced at Pawna but out of all these, camping is the most sought activity as it lets you enjoy the scenic view to its fullest including beautiful sunset and sunrise. Being here and spending some days in the lap of nature would make you realise that no matter how technologically advanced we become, we will always look for some way to be close to mother nature.


Things to keep in mind while planning to camp near Pawna Lake:

Camping at this lake will obviously give you various options for indulging in water sports. But you should be very careful and take sports according to your potential and tolerance as the lake is pretty deep. Carry your swimwear as it will be needed if you plan to go swimming. To make your journey cost-effective, you can take a shared jeep from there to Mumbai or Pune.

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Choosing the right type of campsite plays a very integral role in making your stay comfortable and enjoyable. Camping is a group activity in which having a good environment and a good vibe with your fellow campers is required. So, when you are choosing a campsite make sure to look into whether it is family-oriented or couple oriented and then choose accordingly. The type of crowd and their behaviour will affect your comfort and experience to a great extent.

After accommodation, fooding is one of the most influential factors. At the time of booking the camp check out their menu and food inclusions. Some of the campsites have fixed and strict fooding options and you should be aware of whether what they serve is matching your eating habits or not.

Camp organisers will only provide you with some essentials like drinking water, clean beds etc. It is thereby your responsibility to probe your needs and carry your own necessary items. Some of them can be sun-protecting lotion, light clothes, mosquito repellent, an umbrella if camping in the rainy season, torchlights, first aid, your own camera, etc.. These little things will save you from unnecessary hassle and expenses, and will add comfort to your stay.


Best time to visit Pawna Lake:

This picturesque lake of Maharashtra is open to visitors throughout the year. Although January to May and October to December are considered to be the best suited months. The winter’s grace this place with a cold breeze and very pleasing weather during December and will give you a wide option of fun activities to enjoy your stay.

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If you are planning to camp here, you should avoid the rainy season. It would be a good choice to visit during light drizzles or just after the rainy season as you will get to witness multiplied greenery and birds chirping around.


Other activities do experience at Pawna Lake

This lake is more than just a camping ground. Given you have done good research about the fun activities available, this lake can prove to be a paradise for adventurers and campers. Some of these rejuvenating activities are mentioned below; Paragliding in Pawna is the most sought adventure sport here is paragliding which would let you sway in the cold fresh air of Pawna, cutting through clouds and enjoying a 360-degree view of the enchanting beauty of the nature surrounding you.

Enjoying the sunset and sunrise at the various forts and hilltops present near the lake will give you some spellbinding views of the rising and setting sun. The bewitching panoramic beauty of this place will be a perfect spot to click pictures and capture these moments of happiness forever.

Apart from these two activities, you can go Kayaking in the waters of the lake, try photography, experience bird watching and try various games like beach volleyball, dart game etc. at your campsite. Some other nearby places worth visiting are the temple of Kondeshwar, Shinde Wadi Hills, Dinosaur Park, Tikona Fort, Tung Fort and Dudhiware Waterfall.

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