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Treks in Pune for Jungle Adventure

Treks in Pune for Jungle Adventure

Jungle Adventure seekers and those who love the outdoors frequently go on hikes in Pune. In addition to providing spectacular sweeping views of the hills in the distance and the breathtaking valley below, these lovely hiking locations in Pune are arranged according to the degree of difficulty of various hikers. Some of these treks are simple to moderate for novices, while others are along high hills and should only be attempted by experienced hikers. But despite their difficulty, these breath taking climbs in Pune are sure to raise your heart rate. In addition, the hilltop’s picturesque outlook provides a visual joy. If you stay for dawn or sunset, the expansive views Jungle Adventure will undoubtedly stay with you for a very long time.


1. Rajgad Trek

The Rajgad Hike is a moderately difficult trek that starts in the Pune District’s Gunjavane Village and concludes at the Rajgad Fort. It is a popular trekking route for intermediate trekkers looking for a perfect place to sate their desire for adventure. The Sahyadri Mountain Range’s Murum Dev Dongar hill is where the ascent takes place. The fort is situated in a beautiful area of India’s Western Ghats, more than 1400 metres above sea level. This offers a stunning and exciting setting for the Jungle Adventure activities.

The monsoon and winter months are the most popular times for a Rajgad Trek. Jungle Adventure can complete the hike because the weather is cool and pleasant throughout the day. The slope has fences in some places to make the walk easier. Trekkers must be cautious when climbing, especially during the monsoon season, by being aware of the challenging, slippery, and dangerous areas of the terrain. Some people might even sign up for trekking groups and ascend the hill while being guided by a trainer.

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2. Rohida or Vichitragad Trek :-

Every trekker’s bucket list must include a stop at Rohida, also known as Vichitragad, which is the fort closest to Pune. The windy, stunning, and magnificent fort is situated in the Western Ghats near the village of Bhor, about 61 kilometres from Pune. One of the 23 forts that the Marathas gave to the Mughals in the Treaty of Purandar, the fort was constructed during the Yadava era. Bajarwadi, located about 7 kilometres from Bhor, serves as the trek’s starting point. Bajarwadi and Khanapur villages offer lodging and dining options. At Rohidmalla, you can also book a room at the fort’s highest level. Visit the magnificent Rohida Fort to satisfy your passions for history, adventure, and nature all at once.

3. Hadsar Trek

The Maharashtra state contains the hill fort known as Hadsar. It is located in the Pune district at a height of 3200 feet above sea level. There are enormous Mughal-style tunnel-like entrances erected inside the fort. These twin gates are reached by way of well-cut, stone steps. In addition, the scanty fortifications have water tanks and cisterns. The fort has a pond in front of it and a Shiva shrine on its roof. Large underground tunnels that were likely used as storage spaces are also present throughout the citadel. Ganesh and Hanuman are depicted in stone carvings on the corners of the Shiva temple.


4. Korigad Trek

One of the hill forts known to trekkers in Pune is Korigad, which is around 20 kilometres south of Lonavla and close to the city of Pune. The fort is said to have been constructed in the early 1500s. In fact, the eastern and southern foothills of Korigad are home to Aamby Valley, the city’s first planned township. The temple of Goddess Koraidevi, which is located at the top of the fort, is where the fort gets its name. The fort still has a lot of its original structures in place. Additionally, the fort’s whole wall is undamaged.

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One option is to stroll along the perimeter, which is 2 kilometres long. Within the fort, there are water cisterns and caves. Two sizable lakes and a temple to Koraidevi, the fort’s patron deity, are located atop the citadel. This temple has a big cannon resting next to it. The fort’s roof is home to more guns as well. At the peak, there are Shiva and Vishnu temples. The Amby valley metropolis that Sahara, Tung, and Tikona built is visible from the summit of the fort in a highly dominating positio3400 feet, Lohagad Fort is roughly 52 kilometres from Pune and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 


5. Lohagad Trek

A powerful fort located at a height of storic architecture and unspoiled landscape. Built in the 18th century, Lohagad Fort is a popular hiking and natural attraction, especially for visitors from Pune and Mumbai. This fort served as Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj’s treasury. The fort is a favourite destination for hikers because the route there is simple and ideal for beginners. Along with its exciting hike route, the Lohagad Fort is a sizable building that was once a part of the ancient Maratha Empire and is connected to its twin, the Visapur Fort.

Because a decent road has been built to the base of the fort, which was formerly fairly distant from the nearest location connected by road, many more people now visit Lohagad on weekends during the monsoon season, making it quite congested. Lohagad Fort is unquestionably deserving of a visit, whether you go there for the destination’s verdant green beauty, daring trekking route, panoramic vistas, or famous history.

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