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What Makes a Great Kitchen?

What Makes a Great Kitchen?


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In addition to organizing, preparing, and cooking our meals in this area, the kitchen is usually the most prominent “multitasker” in any home. At any given time, the kitchen can also be a place where children can do their homework or for families to have meals together (in place of the less frequently used formal dining space) and for friends to entertain themselves, crafters to put out their materials to complete that new project to be completed and also where guests visit for a casual coffee-date. It could be where you can play a quick poker game online as you grab a snack at midnight. No? Is it just me?

The kitchen serves many purposes and is the heart of any home. It is why the kitchen design is necessary – possibly more so than any other area within the home. This blog’s goal is to explore the design aspects which not only provide functional, practical workspaces but also create the room a space where everyone is happy to work for hours every day.



First, the kitchen has to function appropriately for cooking and food preparation. A small kitchen, if properly designed, will provide a beginner chef at home or a famous Michelin chef with an adequate workspace for food preparation. The most critical aspects of effective kitchen design are recognized worldwide. They include the creation of a ‘work triangle’ (between your refrigerator, the sink, and the cooktop), providing ample storage space, and providing (when feasible) an adequate clear space to prepare food.

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However, we’re not here to discuss the obvious. We’re here to explain what it takes to take a contemporary home design and style from “it works” to “it rocks!”



Although a beautiful design for your kitchen and well-thought-out storage can enhance the function in your kitchen space, they won’t make a difference in a poorly-designed area. If you don’t intend to spend hours at your home kitchen table, it will not be a problem if you’ve got space to store your air fryer, sous vide, and Instant Pot in the unique drawer for appliances. Therefore, even though each of our designs incorporates the mentioned design considerations, it goes further to create kitchens that are attractive display pieces to your home by weighing the following.



From a practical standpoint, It’s hard for a cook to prepare food in a dark, noisy, or cramped space. From a more qualitative perspective, you likely don’t want to spend time with family or friends. Clean, bright, and uncluttered rooms can improve your overall health and create an environment you would like to live in.



The increased transparency of the view makes any space appear larger and more spacious. It allows for ideas and allows more daylight to the kitchen. This high transparency is achieved through:

It is eliminating or reducing lower cabinets within the areas that are open in the kitchen.

Increasing the storage density increases the storage density along the outer edge (focusing on using this feature to frame space and view).


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Kitchens have great connections and access to outdoor dining areas and entertainment spaces. It begins with meticulous planning to ensure that your kitchen has a tremendous spatial connection to your courtyard, patio, and garden. In addition, one of the most effective ways to enhance this connection is to eliminate physical and visible barriers between the inside and exterior areas of your house by (for instance) including floor-to-ceiling doors and windows to cover the entire vast space in the kitchen (and the adjacent regions). Forget single leaf doors and welcome sliding or bi-folding glass doors system that improve the visual and physical connection to the outside. It also lets daylight be able to penetrate the kitchen. Connecting the interior and outdoor areas is crucial to My Modern Home’s style philosophy. We are particularly enthusiastic about this aspect that is a part of the kitchen’s design.



A functional kitchen is a kitchen that is used frequently. Make it easy to move around the kitchen without getting elbows. If possible, ensure you have multiple access points in and out of the kitchen. It would help if you also created multiple “work zone” so that working in the kitchen can be enjoyable and relaxing.



Also, you should ensure that it’s easy to access the kitchen from any other room within your home, prioritizing the dining area. Also, special consideration must be given to the outdoor dining areas and spaces for kitchen support, such as the pantry or butler pantry. It is important to note that easy entry to the kitchen via the garage or the main door is a crucial design element, and you’ll be happy in the years to come for ease of getting groceries in and out of the kitchen and storage.

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It would be best if you aimed for a kitchen layout that is less like a place to work but more like a living space. The minimalist approach to form and material palette is a part of this concept.

Best furniture in London are most well-known for their services in the construction industry; in addition, their prices are more affordable when compared to those of other furniture businesses in the United Kingdom.

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