Home Tech App/ Software What makes AngularJS the perfect solution for your mobile app?

What makes AngularJS the perfect solution for your mobile app?

What makes AngularJS the perfect solution for your mobile app?


Here at AngularJS Development Company, we love creating beautiful, functional mobile apps that use the latest in front-end development technology to improve user experience, lower costs and increase your overall reach and profit margins. And our favorite technology stack to do it with? AngularJS, of course! AngularJS development is one of our core specialties, and we’re proud to be one of the leading AngularJS application development companies in the United States today. But what makes AngularJS so great as an app framework? How does it stack up against other technologies such as jQuery or Node.js?


AngularJS offers a lot of flexibility with templates and can accommodate various website layouts. It is modular so you can add or remove components when you need them and it’s customizable. Plus, there are tons of packages out there which offer other features to make building your website faster and easier.


This framework is safer, faster, and lighter than others out there. You’ll be working with state-of-the-art open source technologies that are developed by a community of skilled professionals and make no compromises on performance. Every aspect of the AngularJS application is just as responsive as it would be on a desktop computer, which means that your users will have an exceptional experience. You can also see how much easier it would be to use this framework if you were a beginner at web development!


Angular JS is Google’s open-source framework designed specifically to create Single Page Applications. As of May 2015, it has been used to build more than 1 billion webpages. Key features include template language with expressions, data binding with two-way data bindings, dependency injection, directives that are faster and more efficient than most other solutions out there. It also includes features for routing in single page applications as well as client side form validation.

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Supports a number of programming languages

This language is an open-source, which means that it has been developed by a community of designers and programmers from around the world. The developers work on the project in their spare time, with no payment or company backing. This allows programmers to contribute without being tied to one company. 

The entire code is also available online and can be viewed or downloaded by anyone interested in learning how it works.

Free and open source

The beauty of using an open-source framework is that, if there are features you need that don’t exist yet, it’s likely you can go out and get it created yourself. With JavaScript frameworks like AngularJS, all of these things are much easier to implement, because it was designed to be modular in this way. It also means you’re able to reuse code from other projects with ease, which means less time spent on coding from scratch. There are a number of plugins available for free on GitHub which make AngularJS even more powerful.

Developer community support

Angular is supported by a large and active developer community. The platform is also developed in an open-source manner, so it’s not limited to any one company. These factors make Angular a promising choice for those looking to build their next high-quality, highly functional app. And this is just scratching the surface of what Angular has to offer. For more information on how you can get started with Angular, check out ng-book2 or check out our free tutorial!

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Potential to make more money

One of the best things about Angular use of angularjs development company is that it offers an excellent return on investment. Instead of using hard coding in which a line might need to be changed on every single page, angularjs development company allows you to change one line and have it automatically updates everywhere. This means you save time, money, and energy.


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