Home World Why do importers buy green Arabica coffee beans?

Why do importers buy green Arabica coffee beans?

Why do importers buy green Arabica coffee beans?

Much like good food, wine and spirits, the Arabica coffee culture is also enjoying its time in the sun these days. We’ve come a long way since the days when tired officers guzzled strong and flavorless instant coffee. But in recent years, people have realized how incredible coffee is. That said, coffee tends to take on the subtle flavors and complexities depending on how it’s grown and the soil type in which it’s grown. So, if you are looking for the ultimate coffee experience, you must buy Arabica green beans.


What are green coffee beans?

There are some who think green coffee beans are a different variety of coffee. That isn’t correct though. Green coffee beans and brown coffee beans are derived from the same wholesale Arabica coffee beans, the only difference between the two is that while the latter are roasted, the green beans are sold in their raw form.

Most coffee that you’ve probably come across in your life till now probably looked brown because it used roasted beans.


Why buy Arabica green beans?

For those wondering why one should go through the effort of roasting the coffee beans themselves when the roasted coffee beans are already available in the market, the green beans offer more control.

Pre-roasted brown coffee beans are perfect for people who just want quick instant coffee. But if you own a brew house or a café, buying green wholesale Arabica coffee beans makes more sense. This grants you/ buyers more control over the roasting process.

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Thus, green coffee beans help businesses offer a bespoke coffee taste.

The two types of coffee beans

There are two distinct types of coffee beans: Arabica and Robusta. There are a few more varieties, but they aren’t of importance.

Robusta coffee beans are far more common, especially since they can grow at much lower elevations. Also, this variety possesses a large variety of caffeine than the Arabica variety. That said, the Robusta beans have a lower price and thus are widely used for commercial purposes. In fact, a majority of instant coffee options you find in convenience stores are generally made from Robusta beans.

So why is Arabica coffee the more preferred option? Well, Arabica coffee is for people who prefer high-end coffee. This is why they are found in artisan coffee shops and big, professional cafes. Arabica coffee plants only grow at altitudes higher than 3000 feet and the beans have superior taste to the Robusta variety.


Health benefits of Arabica green beans

Promotes weight loss: Green coffee beans are a great supplement – one that stimulates weight loss. According to research, the chlorogenic acid inside these, helps the body to burn fat and glucose, lowers carb absorption in the body, and prevents blood sugar spikes. It also brings the lipid profile under control. Hence, regular consumption of green coffee triggers metabolism and burns fat. 

Regulates blood sugar levels: The presence of chlorogenic acid inside green coffee beans stabilizes blood sugar levels and heightens insulin sensitivity. It also remarkably lowers fat accumulation and brings down the risk of developing type 2 diabetes. According to experts, getting regular exercise, drinking green coffee, and healthy eating habits can together balance blood sugar levels.

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Controls blood pressure: Green coffee beans lower blood pressure and optimize heart health. Compounds in green coffee dilate the blood vessels and reduce the presence of cortisol, the stress hormone, the main culprit behind elevated blood pressure.

Has anti-aging effects: Chlorogenic acid in green coffee comes with antioxidant properties and is particularly known for being a free radical eliminator. They thus help in concealing wrinkles and fine lines, as well as regeneration of new skin cells. This is the reason why green coffee bean extracts are widely used in skincare essentials. They shield the skin from harmful UV rays and make the skin blemish free.

Lightens mood: As Arabica green bean is inherently rich in antioxidants, it is known as a restorative beverage, one that improves cognitive performance, and enhances psychomotor activity. The release of dopamine uplifts mood, heightens focus, and improves overall brain function.

Great detoxifier: Green coffee is said to be a great natural detoxifier. Thus, it helps in flushing out toxins, excess fat, cholesterol, and impurities. In short, having green coffee on a regular basis bolsters the body’s immune system, and optimizes one’s health and well-being.


Key takeaway

Green Arabica coffee is derived from raw Arabica beans. So, if you are looking for unroasted coffee beans, opting for wholesale Arabica coffee beans makes complete sense. This way, you’d be able to get it at affordable rates and be able to roast the beans for the perfect flavor.

Never confuse green coffee with other caffeine sources such as coffee, black tea, or even green tea. They aren’t the same!

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